The Eoin McKiernan Library

Welcome to The Eoin McKiernan Library

The Celtic Junction Arts Center’s Eoin McKiernan Library celebrates the legacy of Irish Studies pioneer and prolific promoter of Irish culture Eoin McKiernan. Founded on the McKiernan family’s gift of 3500 books from his own library, the collection reflects McKiernan’s deep passion for Irish history and politics, the Irish language, folklore, literature and Irish arts.
The McKiernan Library also works to serve the interests of the Irish-American community of Minnesota with a special focus on the Irish arts that are central to the Celtic Junction Arts Center community.

About the Collection

The Eoin McKiernan Library (EML) has over 3500 books. All books are available for use within the library during open hours. In addition, we have a lending library of over 400 books (duplicates from our main collection) available for checkout.


The McKiernan Library thrives on the help of dedicated volunteers. Opportunities include: monitoring the space and assisting patrons during open hours, cataloging, shelving, digitization, exhibit setup and more! Our library staff provides training and supervision to help you help us.


Celtic Junction Arts Center and the Eoin McKiernan Library are the winners of the 2018 IrishCentral's Creativity and Arts Award for Irish American Centers and Festivals! 


MONDAY          4.30pm - 6.30pm

TUESDAY           4.30pm - 6.30pm

WEDNESDAY    4.30pm - 6.30pm

THURSDAYS     4.30pm - 6.30pm


836 Prior Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55104

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